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Sculpting Workshop IN HOUSE

  • Description

    Expand your nail service into the world of sculpting.    

    Sculpting provides opportunities to create nail shapes without the use of tips. From salon speed sets to super length and extreme shape. Sculpting has something for everyone! 

    Nail biters, short and wider nails are the ideal candidates for a sculpted nail. Creating light, easy to wear enhancements.

    During this workshop you will learn the art form that is sculpting. The possible adaptions that make it possible for forms to fit every client as well as perfect shaping, c - curves and form.

    You will be expected to work on yourself during this class so must attend nail free. 

  • Course Content Summary

    Course Summary:

    • Recap of Nail Theory 
    • Introduction to Sculpting
    • Preparation for Form Fitting
    • Sculpting Forms 
    • Adaptions
    • Extension Shapes 
    • Filing & Finishing
    • Speed, Timing & Efficiency of Service
  • Learning Option

    The best of both options is In-House Blended learning, we delivered all the theory material to you online prior to the the In-House practical session at our Llandudno training facility. 

    You will also be able to access and watch the practical demonstrations so that on the day you will already have prior knowledge of the process to gain as much from the session as possible. This learning option is aimed at anyone who feels they would prefer to come into the training centre for face to face tuition.

  • Additional Information

    Accrediting Body: ABT

    Kit Included? No

    Pre-Requisites: Student must hold Acrylic or Gel Certificate

    Certificate Type: PDF

    Assessment Method: In-House Session