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Add To Your WishlistHalo Acrylic Student Starter Kit

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Halo Acrylic Student Starter Kit

  • Description

    Be Client ready with our Halo Gel Polish Student Starter Kit 


    N113 Pure Natural Tips Mixed 100s 1
    N11536 Halo Elite Buffer File 100/180 (pack of 2) 1
    N11831 Halo Elite Moon Zebra Foam File 100/100 Individual 2
    N1185-1 Halo Elite half moon single file 240/240 grit,zebra 2
    N1189 Halo Elite Superior Nail Wipes (melt blown) pack of 200 1
    N121 Pure Nails Cuticle Nipper 1/2 Jaw 1
    N2041 Pure Nails Ultra Clear Tips 100S 1
    N2300 Pure Nails Cuticle Feed 15ml 1
    N2535 Cosmeticide College 100ml Spray 1
    N2540 Cosmeticide Sanitising Hand Gel 400ml 1
    N2898 Halo 8ml Top Coat (Non Wipe) 1
    N2905 Halo Nail Prep & Scrub 100ml 1
    N300 Pure Nails Instant Nail Glue 3grm 1
    N330 Pure Nails Acetone 125ml 1
    N3304 Pure Nails Halo Acrylic Liquid 30ml 1
    N3311 Halo Acrylic Powder Clear 45g 1
    N3321 Halo Acrylic Powder Blush Pink 45g 1
    N3326 Halo Acrylic Powder Cover Pink 45g 1
    N3346 Halo Acrylic Powder White 45g 1
    N3381 Halo Acrylic Mega Bond 15ml 1
    N351 Halo Brush Cleaner 100ml 1
    N714 Glass Dappen Dish Clear 1
    N735 Pure Nails Student Acrylic Brush 1
    N835 Tip Cutter Chrome 1
    N842 Pure Nails Plush Brush 1
    N870 Halo Desk Mat 1
    N945 PNs Lid for N714 Clear Dappen Dish 1
    TL102 Halo Pro Cuticle Pusher 1
    PU16503 Pure Nails Pink Plastic Tags for Jute Kit Bag 1
    PU16506 Nylon Cable Ties for Jute Kit Bag 2
    PU190621 Halo Acrylic Step by Step Leaflet 1s 1
    PU19614 Jute College Kit Bag 1