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Add To Your WishlistEyelash adhesives & Retention Workshop

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Eyelash adhesives & Retention Workshop

  • Description

    This workshop is going to teach you all you ever need to know about Lash Adhesive & Retention!

    Ever been doing lashes and all of a sudden, the lashes won’t adhere and just start popping off? Let's be honest we all dread that call from a client to say ‘lots of my lashes have fallen off? Frustrating? -Yes!

    You’ve been doing it all day and it’s been no problem so why now?

    Once you have completed this course you will be able to determine the reasons for poor retention and learn how and what we can do to help this.

  • Course Content Summary


    • Main Features of Adhesives

    • P.H and why it matters

    • Retention issues

    • Why Preparation is key

    • To prime or not to prime

    • Accelerators – When to use and when not to

    • Wiping Adhesive- Yes or No?

    • Polymerisation & Shock Polymerisation

    • Humidity

    • Temperature

    • Alcohol based products

    • Volatiles

    • Acidosis

    • Exothermic reactions

    • How to store your adhesive

    • How to correctly shake your adhesive

    • How do Medications affect our lashes

    • Conditions that affect our lashes

    • Washing Lashes following application