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Electric Filing REMOTE BLENDED

  • Description

    Essential training for all Nail Technicians wanting to use an electric file in their service.

    Correct and safe use of Electric files is paramount. There are many misconceptions regarding the use of electric files mainly through lack of knowledge and bad experience clients have with untrained technicians.

    Trained properly an electric file can help speed up service time and improve client experience whilst minimizing muscle ache and joint pain. Any busy tech will tell you it’s no fun filing by hand!

    This short course introduces the benefits of speed filing, cutting down treatment time & improving client service. Explanation of various bits and their uses, tips and techniques of use and full certification for use.

  • Course Content Summary

    • Electric File Introduction

    • Different Bits and their uses

    • Zonal filing

    • Speed and Time saving

    • Cutting out product and dealing with lifting

    • Safe & Correct Removal of Gel Polish, Acrylic & Hard Gel

    • Insurance Requirements

  • Learning Option

    Our remote blended learning option provides the full course with the addition of tutor support via a virtual session. This is aimed at anyone that may struggle to visit our facility due to location, free time or are not ready to sit in a classroom with other students following the COVID-19 pandemic. Kits and electric files can be purchased prior to the virtual session.

    Theory material is delivered and assessed online via our training portal with supporting video tutorials demonstrating the practical elements of the course. The virtual session is then arranged when you are ready and provides an opportunity to ask questions and go through the techniques learnt. You will be asked to demonstrate the techniques in order to fulfil your assessment requirements.

  • Additional Information

    Accrediting Body: ABT

    Kit Included? No - Own Electric File & Bits Required Please note products/kit will be required in order to fulfil the case study requirements of this course

    Pre-Requisites: Must hold Acrylic, Hard Gel or Gel Polish Certification

    Certificate Type: PDF

    Assessment Method: Virtual Session