Council Licensing Requirements

Council Licensing Requirements

The Local Authority Licencing Application

The Local Authority Licencing Application

The registration and bye law requirements vary from council to council. We offer you the best guidance to ensure a smooth application for any area that you may live. However, it is important that you call the Environmental Health department and ask them what their requirements are prior to application.

Why should I register?

 It is a legal requirement for anyone offering invasive treatments (that break the skin) to register for a Licence with their Local Authority. More councils are now cracking down on therapists that have not registered, and the fines can be quite high.

Having a licence and displaying it for your clients to see will only add to your professionalism. Councils are there to work with you, not against you. Don’t be afraid of speaking to them, they will give you all the advice you need and allow you to put things in place.

How should I prepare for a council visit?

 You should be as prepared as possible for a visit from the council. The following is just a basic list of what they will expect to see:

The Room

 The Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will first want to inspect your room. They will look at what type of flooring you have. Wipe clean flooring is preferred, and they will ask how you clean it and how often. Your room should be free from curtains, drapes, towels and cushions and anything else such as absorbent woods and material.

You should have a sink in the room that has hot and cold running water. A soap and towel dispenser is also handy to have next to the sink and a ‘How to Wash your Hands’ guide. Sinks should be operated by an elbow lever tap or foot pedal.

Your trolley, mag lamp and beauty couch should be barrier wrapped. You will be asked how often this is changed (between clients or wiped down with special cleaners). They will expect to see a sharps box close to hand and usually hanging from the wall.

Your stool should also be wrapped and no trailing wires anywhere in the room. Mag Lamp cables can be clipped to the wall or taped out of the way or use cable grips to attached loose trailing wires to trolleys. You can purchase Velcro fasteners from eBay.

The room should be self-contained and have no contamination from spray tans, hair or nails. You should have adequate ventilation and lighting and changes in floor height clearly marked.

No smoking signs should also be clearly displayed.

Keeping Records

The EHO will ask you to provide a copy of your consultation form and whether or not you keep photographs of the clients. They may also ask how you store this information and for how long.

They will also ask to see copies of Medical Safety Data Sheets (MSDS or SDS) for any products or anaesthetics you may use during the treatment.

They will also want to see how you dispose of your waste and copies of the contract with your waste removal contract.


 The EHO will ask what products you use to clean your work surfaces and floors with and how you use the product. Make sure you are familiar with how long a product has to be left on for and what PPE you may need when using such products.

They will also ask how you dispose of derma rollers and other items you use during the treatment. As most are now disposable it is easy enough to just throw these items away and you will not need to have a cleaning procedure for these.

Preventing Cross Contamination

 Your EHO will want to know how you prevent cross contamination. A few basic points should cover any questions that she/he may have:

You protect your trolley with fresh barrier film or dental bibs before every new client.

You use a new roller for each client and open this up in front of them before starting the procedure.

Use a new roller for each new client and each new appointment.

You get out everything you need so you have it to hand, such as wet wipes, cotton wool, dispense the right amount of anaesthetic into a small pot.

Wipe down all products after each treatment.

Use a new pair of powder free latex free gloves on each new client. Make sure you wash hands before and after putting on or removing gloves.

You may be required to produce proof of your Hepatitis B Vaccinations.

What else may I be asked?

The EHO will ask to see what anaesthetics you use and how you use them.

They will require to see a copy of your aftercare form.

You may also be asked if and how you perform a patch test for anaesthetic.

You may be asked what you use post treatment and how this is applied.

Have you displayed your training certificates?

They will ask for copies of your liability insurance.

Proof of your first aid training and if you have spill kits for cleaning up sick or blood.

Do you have an up to date tetanus.